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Lisa Lenderink Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, babies, kids, family & senior portraits.

Sessions can take place in my Cascade Studio or Outdoors. There are lot of beautiful parks nearby for outside portrait sessions.  Or I'm open to suggestions, if you have a location that you know that you just HAVE TO have!


Urban Portrait sessions are also available in downtown Grand Rapids.


Beach Sessions are available for $150


What To Expect


A child or family session can last from one to three hours. Every session is different and I spend as much time with you as needed to assure that you have a variety of images to choose from. No rushing, no waiting in line, no worries~


A lot of people stress over having their portraits done. Please don't. I want your session to be something that you look forward to. But, do schedule enough time in your day for your session so that it can be just that, something fun and unhurried. We'll have fun, promise!


Seniors, you are no different. Your sessions will take longer because most seniors want both studio and outdoor photos. No worries, if you only want outside or only want studio, your session fee will reflect that. A combo session can last up to four hours....I don't say that to scare you, but I want you to plan accordingly. We don't want to rush, this YOUR day!


I want you to have a blast with your session. There are no limits on clothing changes or props. So, if you are into sports, bring your basketball. If you are in orchestra, bring your violin. Lets be creative and make your session totally YOU!




Newborn Sessions


The best time to schedule your newborn session is within the first 8 days after birth. The baby is still able to be molded into the fetal position that make for great images. Also, baby acne tends to set in around 14 days or so. Don't worry about "outfits" for your baby. Most images will be captured without clothes. However, if there is a christening gown or special outfit that your other children have worn for their newborn portraits, etc. of course, bring it.


Newborn sessions can last from one hour to four hours. Quite often the baby will need to eat several times during the session. I only schedule one session a day so there is no rushing to get done before the next appointment. Your baby is only tiny for a brief time and I want to capture images that you will cherish for a lifetime.


I also request that if Mom & Dad want to be in the portraits that they wear black shirts (not turtle necks)


Children Sessions


Comfort is a must as well as clothing that fits correctly. For studio sessions and outdoor sessions done in warm weather I prefer to have the children barefoot.


A standard rule is that solids photograph best...but I am also a fan of the fantastic clothing available now in bright colors. Jeans are a classic tradition and never go out of style. I love hats! Layers are also a great choice.


I do ask that you really put some thought into the clothing choices you make. Some photographers will say that they don't care, the focus should be on your child's face. That's very true, but you will be happier with your finished product if you put some thought into this prior to your session.  Feel free to call me and I will be happy to make specific recommendations based on the time of year of your session, etc.


Family Sessions


Be comfortable! Whether you are in studio or outside, at some point you will be sitting on the ground.

Again, solids photograph best. Stay away from stripes, patterns or shirts with logos. Jeans or Khaki pants are great. You don't need to all be in the same "uniform" and actually I prefer that you don't all wear the exact same shirt. But, do try to keep in the same color family. Tans, Browns, etc.


Senior Sessions


Same guidelines as family. No stripes, busy patterns, shirts with logos. This session is all about you and who you are, so obviously where what you feel good in. Not even good, what you feel GREAT in!


Most senior sessions are done in the summer. But, just because we are doing your session when it's hot out, doesn't mean that all of your clothing choices should be just summer. Please, bring those sweaters, jackets, along with your summer attire.


Girls. I know that you want to wear shorts & cami style shirts and we can do those, but please bring some long or 3/4 length sleeve shirts as well. Guys, bring some long sleeve shirts, we can roll the sleeves, etc. 


Both guys and girls. Your favorite pair of jeans are great. Pay attention to your shoes as well. Don't just bring flip flops. I also request that both guys and girls bring a black shirt.


Also, seniors, you MUST bring your yearbook requirements to your session. If you require a specific color background for your yearbook you need to check with me PRIOR to your session to make sure that I can meet your requirements.


Again, this sessions is all about you!